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              依托基礎設施市場優勢,憑借豐富的施工經驗及優越的技術創新能力,構建標準化、機械化、數字化管理體系,創新探索 EPC 工程總承包模式,先后完成了二環西路、北園高架西延、順河高架南延、大東環、玉函隧道和省內外高速路等多項工程。同時,整合集團優勢資源,積極拓展工程建設項目管理、設計咨詢以及綠建環保業務。
              The Group has fully implemented the spirit of the Mobilization Meeting for the Major Projects of Old-to-New Kinetic Energy and River-cross North Development Strategy of Jinan, and has been focusing on the construction of the important projects such as “Three Bridges, One Tunnel and One Expressway” (Jinan Yellow River Tunnel, Qilu Yellow River Bridge, Fenghuang Road Yellow River Bridge, Yellow River Highway Bridge Reconstruction & Expansion Project and Jinan-Leshan Expressway Southward Project), Old-to-New Kinetic Energy Transformation Zone Municipal Highway and Resettlement Housing, and Jinan Airport Expansion Phase II.
              Based on the advantages of the infrastructure market, with rich experience in construction and extraordinary capability in technical innovation, it has been constructing a standardized, mechanized and digitalized management system, and originally exploring the EPC engineering contract mode and has completed the projects such as Second Ring West Road, Beiyuan Viaduct Westward Section, Shunhe Viaduct Southward Section, Grand East Ring, Yuhan Tunnel and the expressways inside and outside Shandong Province. In addition, it has integrated the advantageous resources of the group, and positively expanded the engineering construction project management, design consulting and green construction environment-friendly business.